Monday Memes (Friday Funnies)


These memes make no sense and for some reason make me laugh. I don’t think my mental health is ok.

I do not know why I think this vine is so funny but I say it to my friends every Wednesday.

This makes no sense what so ever either but made be laugh. I don’t know how our generation came to think that this meme is funny.

This meme is so true and relatable!

These seagull memes are getting out of hand ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ | Funny animal memes, Really funny memes, Funny memes

I think memes that mess with peoples names are funny.

I love all of these kinds of memes, they are funny and I wish I knew about these in 6th grade.

Free write; How to play a game on Canvas!

Hey guys! On this post I will explain how to play a game on the most boring website “Canvas.” Sounds crazy but it works!


First, you must go to CanvasNext, you need to log-in to canvas

Then, press the “Dashboard” button if you have not yet.

Next, you click the URL twice but slowly. It should look like this.



Then, you put a dash ( a dash looks like this / ) after the .com. It should look like this.



Then, type random letters and or numbers after the dash like so.



Next, press “enter” or “return” depending on your computer. Then you should see your screen looking like this.

Finally, press “spacebar” and you will be lead to one of the two games. If you wish to play the other game, refresh and press space again. If the other game does not appear, repeat until you are satisfied.

Both of the games are shown down below!




My Favorite Color

These are pictures of my favorite color! My favorite color is pink not because it is girly but because it is a bright color.

This is a picture of pink play-doe.

This is a picture of a pink pom-pom.

Picture of a paper with a pink lightbulb.

Letter A pink.

My pink sleeve.

My friend’s sock.

Says PULL but the border is pink.

Pink bobba toy.

Pink number 7 on book.

Spanish pink book.


My Guest Writer; Audrey! (Getting Over Your Fears of Doing Tricks)

Hi guys! My name is Audrey, and today I will be writing about how to get past your fear of doing any tricks. Whether it’s the fear of gymnastics, or magic tricks! It all ranges, and I am here to help you get over it! Well, first of let me tell you that I am a pretty good gymnast, and all the time I used to get really scared about doing any dangerous tricks. Now though, I can somewhat block that out of my mind. First thing I recommend doing is trying to convince yourself. Tell yourself you will be safe, people have done this before. There are people to help you out! If that doesn’t work, I would try just confusing yourself. Maybe shout of random things in your head like, “ice cream” or “pizza” to psych yourself and just focus on the trick. Another thing is to have someone next to you just there watching or helping out, maybe spotting. Have a person there for your support!

Here below is a link on how to help focus and staying in the moment and doing what you tell your mind to do.


equals this


Review about DPMS!

This is my review on DPMS. I would rate the school 8 out of 10 stars. The building is amazing and very modern. There are lots of windows in the lunchroom to add natural light in the school building. I love how the school has its own currency to purchase candy, toys, and more. You earn the currency called “Courage Cards” by being respectful and kind to others which helps kids grow and understand why they earned the currency. Some of the teachers are boring and do not try to make their classes fun. the school lunches are also not the best food but are edible.

Review about Vans Slip-ons

Hello! I will be giving a review about vans slip ons.

I actually have these pairs.

They are VERY comfortable and easy to put on. There are a variety of customization choices to pickย  from! There are so many colors to pick from and they all are so cute. You can even customize your own on the website. I have had four pairs of slip on vans and loved all of them! It is extremely durable for those of you who are active and stylish. They have no laces, which is amazing for me because I’m lazy and don’t want to tie shoes laces. They are my go to shoes for school and where ever I go. These are my favorite shoes in the whole world! I wish I knew about these when I was younger because I used to go hiking a lot and they would have helped my feet be more comfortable. Some slip ons even have memory foam inside of them. I have two pairs at the moment and I do not regret using my money on them! I would rate them 5/5 stars because they are comfy and are stylish. I hope you buy a buy a pair (or two) and thank you for reading this! ——> Link!

Michael Jackson! (free write)

Here we go, all the way back into Michael Jackson’s childhood. Michael Joseph Jackson was born in August 29, 1958 and is called the “King of Pop”. He is a songwriter, dancer, and had his own fashion. He made the “Moonwalk” and the “Robot” popular . He is the most awarded individual music artist in history.

He is the eighth child out 10 in the Jackson family. The guys in the Jackson family started a band called the Jackson 5 in 1965. They made several songs together (the father made most of the songs). As they became more and more popular, Michael began growing up and started writing most of the songs. When Michael released his fifth album, “Off The Wall”, he was then established as a solo artist. Michael recorded some songs with Freddie Mercury for about 2 years. Freddie Mercury was angry with Michael one day because he kept bringing his llama into the studio. Michael accepted to be in a Pepsi commercial but pyrotechnics lit his hair on fire making second degree burns on his scalp. He made a lot of songs, and got a lot of money (not going to go into certain parts of his life). In June 25, 2009 Michael Jackson died from a medicine overdose by his doctor. The medicine was meant for him to sleep better.



That’s a short summary of Michael Jackson. Thank you for reading!